Tigman reveals his Memorial Day Weekend party rock anthem and soundtrack.

Of course first and foremost, let's remember the real reason we celebrate Memorial Day each year. Memorial Day is all about honoring those who died serving our country, and honoring the U.S. Military. But  as you know, they'll be Memorial Day weekend parties, and people will be partying it up, so you wanna have that soundtrack for your holiday weekend. In addition to of course listening to the WPDH Memorial Day 500 Countdown, you'll wanna a have a great album straight outta the 80's from the band Poison called Open Up and Say... Ahh! on hand.

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Being a big 80's hair metal guy, Poison has been a favorite band since childhood, so many great memories of seeing this band live in concert over the years.
Poison had great success in the mid 1980’s through the 1990’s  selling over 50 million records worldwide with 15 million alone sold in the United States. The band released their breakthrough, multi-platinum debut album Look What the Cat Dragged in 1986 but they hit their peak with the album Open Up and Say… Ahh! in 1988. Open Up and Say… Ahh! was the band’s most successful release with four hit singles including the ultimate rock anthem "Nothin’ but a Good Time", "You’re Mama Don’t Dance", "Fallen Angel", and "Every Rose Has It’s Thorn". It Peaked at number 2 on the Billboard 200 in the U.S. and sold 5 million copies. The classic album just recently turned 35 years old!

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So whatever you may be doing this holiday weekend, whether at you're having a house party, you're out at a park doing the bbq thing, out on the lake, if you have a copy of Poison's Open Up and Say... Ahh! on hand at your party this weekend, I can promise that you will have Nothin But a Good Time!

Check out a Flashback from 5 years ago when I hosted a YouTube series called The Metal Box, where I talked about this topic.

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