Robyn Taylor
Robyn Taylor

The month of October did not start well in my house. After 12 years of unconditional love and loyalty, my beloved cat Noodles passed away. It was peaceful for Noodles, but one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through. It left such a void in our lives. We don’t have kids, and Noodles was our son. Even though he was considered a senior cat, he was still a baby to us. Our baby.

Needless to say I spent a couple of weeks moping and crying and missing Noodles. I still miss Noodles and always will. He was an unbelievable cat. But I knew I had to fill that empty hole in my heart. It was time to start looking for a kitten. Not to replace Noodles, but to bring joy into our home. I was in search of a long haired mushy male kitten. Like Noodles, but different. 

So, I went to the Dutchess County SPCA website. Lo and behold, they had a long haired male kitten named Rocky Road (now Scooter Pie, or Scooter for short). What a cutie! I immediately filled out an application. The next day I met this adorable kitten. He jumped into my arms and purred. I knew it was meant to be, and so did he. A match made in Heaven. (by Noodles, I suspect).

First of all, it was a quick and easy process, albeit thorough as it should be. After a few reference checks and other calls, contracts were signed and Scooter Pie was officially mine. He’s perfect. He cuddles with me for long periods of time, but can play like a crazy cat. Noodles would definitely approve. Big thanks to the Dutchess County SPCA for bringing this little bundle of joy into my life. My heart is full.

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