The Hudson Valley's newest taco shop is set to open their doors to the public on Monday, but here's an inside look beforehand. WRRV's McCarthy was out at the friends and family grand opening event and was able to capture some of the action.

Hudson Taco, located in the heart of Newburgh by the waterfront, is located in the historic West Shore Train Station. Built-in 1909 by Warren and Wetmore, the building pre-dates their most famous project by around four years. The duo would go on to design Grand Central Station in New York City. West Shore Station would go out of service in 1958 and sat dormant for nearly 50 years. In 2001 a revitalization effort began and the rest is history.

The owners at Hudson Taco are very aware of their role in the revitalization of Newburgh. They'll be looking to get ingredients for items on the menu from local sources and will be collaborating with neighbors like Newburgh Brewing Company whenever possible.

Head to or call (845) 565-8226 for more information.