I’m not sure the Hudson Valley is ready for this spooky fact…

Believe it or not, Halloween stores are now up and running in the Hudson Valley. Now, let me start by saying I looooooove Halloween.

As evident here:

I’ve even showed up to work a few times dressed in costume, while no one else dressed up:

Despite my love for Halloween, I was terrified on Monday when I noticed that Spirit Halloween at the Mid-Valley Mall in Newburgh was open. I am NOT ready for summer to be over!

However, naturally, I had to go check out the place. I was told by an employee that the store officially opened for the season on Sunday!

The store was half-stocked. The same employee informed me that the store should be fully stocked in the near future. I was also advised to head to their website to sign up to receive coupons.

I guess it’s time to start my planning my costume. Any suggestions?

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