Halloween is just around the corner. Does your teen have a costume ready? How cool would it be if your teen could learn to sew his or her own costume? You can make it happen.

There will be a teen sewing class at the Red Hook Library, 7444 S. Broadway, on Friday, Oct. 19 from 3 - 5 pm. The class is open to all teens 13 and older. Whether your teen is looking to make an awesome Halloween costume, or get a jumpstart on ar Comic Con ensemble, Red Hook Public Library will help. Bring the project to the library’s Community Room for expert sewing help making the vision a reality, or close to it. Some supplies will be on hand, like thread and tools, but anything significant including large pieces of fabric must be brought with you.

Prior sewing experience is helpful but not necessary. The library will provide sewing machines. For more information, call the Red Hook Public Library at 845-758-3241, or visit their website at www.redhooklibrary.org.