Sundaze Burgers R&B Only Day Party event will offer up free burgers.

There are many great burger spots throughout the Hudson Valley area, but one that has become a personal favorite mine and for many others in the area is Sundaze Burgers in Poughkeepsie which specializes in smash burgers. A smash burgers for those not familiar is a hamburger patty that is pressed thin onto a heated pan or griddle at the start of cooking. Smash burgers start life as 3- to 4-ounce balls of ground meat, then get smashed flat onto a hot griddle. The resulting patty is thin and often imperfectly shaped, with edges all brown and crispy.

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Sundaze Burgers in Poughkeepsie, which finally opened its doors at The Academy in April of 2023, is getting ready to celebrate one year. The burger joint has become the destination for smash burger lovers in Poughkeepsie and the surrounding areas.

Sundaze Burgers
Sundaze Burgers

Billed as the Hudson Valley's # 1 Smash Burger, Sundaze Burgers also offers seasoned fresh cut fries and the "OG" Burger is a must try 1/4 lb patty with carmelized onions, American cheese, pickles and aioli sauce on a potato bun. Its the stuff of legend! I recently had their Impossible Burger which was just amazing. Also, they're on DoorDash, so I was able to have it delivered right to my door, which is just a bonus!

Sundaze Burgers One Year Anniversary Party

Sundaze Burgers will be hosting their 1 Year Anniversary R&B Only Day Party Burgers + Karaoke on Sunday, April 7 2024 1-6pm at 33 Academy St. in Poughkeepsie. Get there early! Free burgers will be given to the first 40 people. This is an ebent not to be missed. If you haven't had a smash burger from Sundazr Burgers, make plans to get there on April 7. You check out the Sundaze Burgers website here and follow them on Instagram.

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