Can it be? Sources seem to indicate that it is truly happening.

Based in Rocky Hill, Connecticut and known for offering "Bargains by the Bagful", Ames was an American chain of discount stores founded in 1958 with many Hudson Valley area locations. At its peak, Ames Department Stores Inc. operated 700 stores in 20 states, making it the fourth-largest discount retailer in the country. Despite the success, Ames was plagued by debt due to "acquisition decisions" and a slow decline in sales in the new global market. Two bankruptcy filings would eventually put an end to the chain.

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One of my first jobs out of high school working at Ames in Amenia, NY. I would have to get there at like 5am each morning, unloading trucks and then going to the hardware department and stocking shelves all day for a minimal salary. I did enjoy some of my time there as I met some great co-workers. I also have fond memories as a teenager of the Ames store in the Putnam Plaza in Carmel, NY (which was a Barkers prior). Mom used to work at this Ames location. I would also visit this location regularly when growing up in Lake Carmel, usually picking up the latest music on cassette.

The company went out of business, and all stores ceased operations by by 2002.

Rumours of Ames Reopening For Past Couple of Years

There been rumours of Ames reopening since 2022 when the Ames website had an announcement stating that the popular department store chain would be returning in Spring 2023. That speculation apparently fell flat, but various reports as of this week from many reliable sources including USA Today seem to indicate that it could very well be happening.

The Latest From Ames Website

In September 2023, the site was updated, removing all references to new stores opening or the Spring 2023 timeline, the site simply displayed a statement from the "Board of Directors" referencing a shake up of the board due to mismanagement and other references to stakeholders and the Ames community, without giving any real information about the company.

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In 2024, Ames announced that there are plans to open new brick and mortar stores starting in 2026, with plans of total thirty five brick & mortar locations by late 2027. The first of the 35 stores are set to open by June 2026. All 35 locations will have an Ames Cafe and click & collect services, with select locations having a pharmacy as well. 7 distribution centers are also planned to handle deliveries.

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