Another beer destination is set to open in our area this Fall.

Subversive Malting and Brewing is currently working on a beer cafe that's expected to open this October. Founded by Ithica College graduates and Columbia County residents, the company has been producing high-quality malts to be used in the brewing process.

Now, the Subversive team is getting ready to open up a cafe and unleash their own beer creations on the Hudson Valley. According to their Instagram account, the Catskill Beer Cafe is currently under construction and will soon launch what plans to be a mecca for true Hudson Valley beer lovers.

There will be no TVs. There WILL be pitchers and 20 oz pours of our low-ABV offerings. There will be peanut shells on the floor, laughter in the air, and an empty seat at the bar after a hard day's work.

According to the owners, the Catskill Beer Cafe is Inspired by some of the best American pubs and European beer cafes. The spot will be the company's flagship retail location and the only place you'll be able to drink beer produced by Subversive Brewing.

The cafe is still under construction at 414 Main Street in Catskill next to Village Pizza, but you can follow the progress on their Instagram account.