Law enforcement agencies across the state will be participating in the STOP-DWI impaired driving crackdown.

Putnam County Sheriff Robert L.Langley Jr, along with the heads of the Town of Kent and the Town of Carmel Police Departments will be participating in the state-wide campaign. Law enforcement from all different agencies across the state will take to the roads in an effort to stop people from driving while impaired, which will ultimately save lives.

The STOP-DWI Halloween crackdown is running from Friday, October 30 through Sunday, November 1.

According to a press release, high visibility of police can lower fatalities that are caused by impaired driving by as much as 20 percent. One of the key components in raising awareness of this issue is sobriety checkpoints. These campaigns are always conducted around holiday weekends, where people are more likely to find themselves in a situation where they may have a few drinks.

The STOP-DWI crackdown campaigns will continue throughout the rest of the year, the next one being Thanksgiving, and then the holiday season in December.

If you find yourself in a situation where you've been drinking, don't drive. There are many other options to explore, like Uber, or other taxi companies. Putnam County also has an app available for download, where you are encouraged to "Have a Plan", and you'll always be able to find a safe ride home.

Don't ruin your Halloween fun buy getting behind the wheel if you've been drinking. Make sure you have a sober plan in place to get home if you do intend on drinking.

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