Five years can seem like five minutes. And sometimes it seems like a lifetime. I'm not sure if it feels like just minutes or forever since we lost Coop. Or both. Either way, he is still very much missed. I still have people telling me how much they loved Coop. All the time.

Mark Cooper was one of a kind. I always said that Coop knew at least a little about everything. He knew a lot about many things, but even when it came to things he wasn't passionate about or familiar with, he still knew something about them. He could have a conversation about anything.

When Coop first came to town in the mid '90s, we became fast friends. We both shared a love of radio and music. We both liked to party. Eventually he met his wife Nona, had his son Thomas, and left the radio station. We grew apart.

Then he got hired back.  We worked together on and off for close to 20 years before we became morning show partners. As partners, we got along well. We started to renew our friendship and we were having a lot of fun. But by then Coop had a ton of health issues to overcome. He fought a good fight, but lost the battle.

Coop was a great father, husband, friend and radio host. And we are all better off for knowing him. Rest easy, Coop, we love and miss you.

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