One of the best ice cream flavors in New York State can be found in almost every town across the Hudson Valley.

Best Ice Cream in the Hudson Valley?

We have dozens of options for ice cream in the mid-Hudson region. However, when you ask most HV natives where they get their ice cream, they'll probably tell you they go to Stewart's Shops.

It's no secret that Stewart's is home to some of the most delicious and creative ice cream flavors. We're not the only ones to notice. At the 55th Annual World Dairy Expo, held last week, Stewart's Shop ice cream took home several awards and left with one top honor.


Stewart's Ice Cream Takes Top Honors

According to a Stewart's Shop Press Release, Stewarts had a "total of four ice cream winners at the competition, one first place winner, a second-place finish, as well as two third place finishes." They add that this year's competition had "over 1,400 submissions from dairy producers across North America."

Which Stewart's Ice Cream Flavors Won at The World Dairy Expo?

The press release states that Stewart’s Peanut Butter Pandemonium Ice Cream came in first place in the Peanut Butter Ice Cream category. This comes as no surprise as Peanut Butter Pandemonium is favorite among Hudson Valley ice cream lovers. Another popular flavor,  Mint Cookie Crumble, took 2nd place in the mint category. And in the Frozen Dessert Division, Stewarts left with 2 3rd place finishes with Mango Dragon Fruit coming in 3rd in the sherbet category, and Salty Caramel coming in 3rd in the gelato category.


Stewart's Shops's Award-Winning Dairy Products

Stewart's Shop President Gary Drake said in the press release:

Coming off the heels of winning Best Milk in New York State, we are so proud that our ice cream has been recognized at the World Dairy Expo! We’ve been making quality dairy products for over 100 years

Stewart's Shops are not only home to delicious ice cream flavors but they also have, as mentioned above, the best milk in New York State, pastries, snacks and of course gas to fill up your tank. And who could forget the free air!?

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