New York state residents have been urged to kill a highly destructive invasive species if they happen to see it on their property. In fact, the USDA as even gone as far as to say you should kill it on site.

The Spotted Lanternfly may be known for its striking appearance, but poses a "significant threat to New York's agricultural industry, negatively impacts outdoor recreation, and may impact forest health", says the DEC

The DEC says that Autumn is the time when adult Lanternflies lay their egg masses on nearly anything "from tree trunks and rocks to vehicles and firewood".

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But now, one county in the lower Hudson Valley area may have the best solution when it comes to getting rid of these pests.

Westchester County Says They Have the Solution to Bust Destructive Pests

LoHud says that the Westchester County Parks Department it is offering around ten "high-powered vacuums to loan to local municipalities" to reduce the number of the lanternflies.

The Parks Department said in a press release that their efforts have been highly successful so far, and are urging other towns and areas to give it a shot.

The species is native to Southeast Asia and is known to feed off more than 100 plant species, including grapes, hops, maple, walnut, fruit and hardwood trees, and cucumbers, according to Hudson Valley 360.

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation says the Spotted Lanternfly was first seen in Pennsylvania in 2014, and spread to New York by 2020.

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