The Poughkeepsie Joint Water Board is notifying customers on severely restricted sodium diets, that due to the current drought there is an increase in sodium levels in the treated water supply.

The increased sodium levels are a result of reduced Hudson River flows caused by the drought. Current sodium levels have increased to greater than 50 mg/L according to a press release. Additional information will follow if the sodium level exceeds 100 mg/L.

Customers should seek out low sodium bottled water for their drinking water if they have health conditions that necessitate reduced sodium intake until further notice, according to City officials.

The New York State Department of Health states the following regarding sodium levels in drinking water:

Water containing more than 20mg/L of sodium should not be used for drinking by people on severely restricted sodium diets. Water containing more than 270 mg/L of sodium should not be used for drinking by people on moderately restricted sodium diets.

For the majority of individuals, this minor increase in sodium levels will not have an adverse effect and the water is safe to drink. If you have concerns regarding your level of sodium intake, please contact your health care provider.

If the conditions of the water change, there will be a further notification sent out to their customers informing them of the action to take.  If you have questions regarding sampling results please call Poughkeepsie’ Joint Water Board’s Environmental Lab Director, Dottie DiNobile at (845) 451-4173 ext. 2012.

Luckily, I'm not affected by this personally. I don't have a problem drinking from the faucet, but I prefer bottled water. I just figure since I grew up drinking water from a hose, I've earned my spring water.

Do you still drink water from the faucet or do you prefer spring water or bottled?

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