This might be yet another sign of the Idiocracy-like times that we live in. A popular soda company has announced that their "most provocative" flavor yet will soon be hitting their virtual store, that's sure to entice some while perhaps making others a bit nauseous. The company that once brought you Doritos in soda form is back with something even more over-the-top and obnoxious. Behold, Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew. Could this be like the Puppy Monkey Baby commercial that ran during Super Bowl 50? Forgot that one? Good.

Yeah, it's Flamin Hot Cheetos Mountain Dew. Just go ahead and hit the back button now. LoHud says you can order the new soda at the virtual Dew Store Tuesday, August 31. Now you'll have the flavor of the famous citrus soda combined with the ultra spicy version of one of America's favorite corn puff snacks all in one sip. Should we rejoice or be disgusted?

Mountain Dew has long been known for its experimental combination of flavors and marketing.  As of 2019, some of their available flavors include; Mountain Dew Ice, Sweet Lightning, Mango Lime, White Out, Code Red, Pitch Black and others. There's also of course Baja Blast, which is available often in limited times at select stores. Recently, the company teamed with Boston Beer to develop their first alcoholic hard slexter. Reuters reports that the Truly hard seltzer will simply be called Hard MTN Dew. The move comes shortly after Coca-Cola's announcement that their Topo Chico sparkling water would soon be available in alcoholic form by early next year.

Mountain Dew has certainly been creatively branching out over the past several years with their ever-expanding product. In October 2020, they announced their very own citrus soda flavored hot sauce, that they were developing with N.B.A. star Joel Embid. They also teamed up with seafood chain giant Red Lobster to release their very own margarita. And if you didn't think the Flamin' Hot Mountain Dew soda was enough, how about a new line of Flamin" Hot MTN Dew apparel to go with it? AdWeek reports that the soda company has joined forces with apparel brand Broken Promises to release a bunch of hoodies, sweats, and other clothing that would make Guy Fieri look modest by comparison.

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