Should 0.08 become 0.05?

That's what a government-commissioned report by a panel of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine says. According to, the study the says that the drunk driving threshold should be lowered to 0.05.

So what does this mean? How much would one have to drink to be considered drunk according to the proposed limits? That varies according to size, and gender. reports...

The report cites studies indicating most women over 120 pounds would reach 0.05 after two drinks. Men weighing up to about 160 pounds would likely reach the lower threshold at two, and those over 180 pounds at three.

The nearly five hundred page report also called for states to make alcohol less available...such as limiting the amount of hours and days alcohol can be sold in stores, bars and restaurants. Also, an increase in alcohol tax.

Will this help save lives? Or do you think that the repeat offenders are going to find a way to drink and then get behind the way anyway?

According to the report, over one hundred countries around the world have adopted the 0.05 limit. As of now, only Utah has the lower BAC number here in the U.S., but their new law won't officially go in effect until December 30, 2018.