We've heard the same debate for a number of years about some within New York state pushing to secede from other parts of the state. In past years, those wanting change normally want to divide the state between a designated "upstate" zone, and a "downstate" Usually, "downstate' has been defined as anything in New York City and Long Island. Parts of the lower Hudson Valley in Westchester and Rockland normally, but not always, are included as part of "upstate".

But now, some are envisioning an even bolder approach. How about three autonomous regions? While this is quite a longshot to say the least, it would actually split the Hudson Valley region into two separate states.

WHEC is reporting that multiple towns in central and western New York have brought up the idea to split New York into three different states. If passed, the five boroughs would remain known as New York. Westchester, Rockland. Nassau and Suffolk counties would be known as Montauk. The rest of the state, including the middle and upper Hudson Valley areas, and the Catskills, would become New Amsterdam. Imagine a trip from Dutchess or Orange to Westchester taking you into a totally different state.

The Divide New York Plan has been proposed before, but it didn't really go anywhere. Reasons for the proposed change have been to help the state's economy, or for fairer taxes for each area. A deep political divide had also been another reoccurring reason, and that divide only seems to have increased in the past few years.

As mentioned, this isn't the first time this idea has come up, and past attempts at any sort of bill have failed. What are your thoughts on this proposal?

Meanwhile, some residents of New York say they're not feeling very welcome in Florida. The Tampa Bay Times says a stern warning came by way of fliers that were placed on the vehicles of New York tourists parked in Palm Beach, Florida. Police say whoever put these fliers on the New Yorkers' rides do not want anyone "woke" in their town.

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