Be careful where you swim. Authorities are increasing patrols along the New York coast as five shark bites have been reported since Monday, according to ABC.

Some town officials plan to use drones, jet skies and more boats as a school of approximately 50 sand sharks were spotted off the coast Wednesday, according to ABC.

Shark Attack History in New York 

When you think or shark attacks against humans, you may think of places like California, Florida, or Hawaii where there is an abundance of beach area.

New York never had much of a history when it came to beachgoers getting bitten by sharks. Before 2022, the state of New York had only 12 reported shark bites in its recorded history, .However last year saw a record eight shark bites reported on the beaches in the state, which resulted in some beaches even closing.

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And now, with these latest reports, you may wonder why there have been so many shark bites in recent years off the coast of Long Island? What could be the reason, according to scientists?

Latest Attacks 

CNN says that a 15-year-old girl was bitten near Robert Moses Beach earlier this week Suffolk police say a 15-year-old boy was bitten on the foot by a shark while surfing off Fire Island’s Kismet Beach that very same day.


Police say that 47-year-old man swimming off of Long Island’s Quogue Village Beach, was later bitten Tuesday, leaving him with lacerations on his knee. CNN reports that the other two victims are 49-year-old man, who was swimming at Pines Beach, and a woman near Cherry Grove.

All five victims sustained non-life threatening injuries.

What Could Be Behind All This? 

While Great White Sharks do migrate north this time of year, and often get a bad reputation from the press and Hollywood, experts believe most of the attacks have come from sand tiger sharks.

Experts say that young sand tiger sharks have taken up residence in Great South Bay, between Long Island and Fire Island in recent years, as they've been drawn in closer to the coast by baitfish.

These marine scientists also say that these sheltered bays along the Long Island coast give the younger sharks protection from larger sharks and other predators.

Sharks of New York

There are several species of shark in the waters around New York.