It may be hard to believe with the gorgeous weather we're having Friday, but there is a chance for severe thunderstorms Saturday afternoon across the Hudson Valley, New York State, Pennsylvania, and western Connecticut.

A warm front will move through the area from the midwest by Saturday morning, brining showers and thunderstorms to the region. Some locally heavy downpours are possible with these storms.

AccuWeather says that the morning storms will destabilize the atmosphere across the area, bringing much warmer temperatures and higher humidity to the Hudson Valley by Saturday afternoon.

Forecasters say afternoon thunderstorms will pop up across the state, especially late Saturday afternoon. These storms have the potential to be severe, with wind gusts over 60 m.p.h., torrential rain, and small hail. There is even a slight chance for tornadoes, particularly in parts of central New York state and Pennsylvania.

The storms are expected to move out of the area by Saturday evening. Sunday's weather should be sunny but windy, with temperatures in the 70s.

Of course, the weather is always hard to predict. Meteorologists said the Hudson Valley was going to be hit with severe weather last Sunday and Tuesday, but all the area really got was some heavy rain.

Heck, SNOW was actually forecasted for some of the higher elevations in the Adirondacks Wednesday night into Thursday morning, but there was no measurable snowfall recorded.