Signs on the Taconic State Parkway bearing the name of Donald Trump has a New York state senator calling foul.

State Sen. Daniel Squadron from Brooklyn has contacted Gov. Andrew Cuomo demanding that Donald J. Trump State Park undergo a name change. According to USA Today, the park was donated by Trump in 2006 after his plans for building a golf course on the land in Westchester and Putnam counties fell through. The park was named for Trump, but closed in 2010 due to budget cuts.

Squadron believes that because of Trump's recent statements, especially his call for banning Muslims from the country, is contrary to the values of the State of New York, and therefore his name should be stripped from the park.

There are several signs on the Taconic State Parkway leading into the park that bear Trump's name. Squadron would like to see those come down. USA Today quotes the senator as saying

Mr. Trump's presidential campaign has been bigoted and destructive. The state should send a message that his rhetoric and proposals are contrary to New York's values.

Trump's name is already on three condominiums in the area, various golf courses and dozens of other buildings and hotels around the region. Removing the name will do little to remove Trump's name from the Hudson Valley, but it would certainly send a message.

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