Thanks to a warmer than usual winter, those nasty-smelling trees are blooming a little earlier this year.

With people looking to get out of their houses for exercise during the quarantine, walking has become a popular pastime. For many who are usually at the office this time of year, it may be the first time they're getting a whiff of the Callery Pear. Many have described the tree's aroma as "semen-like"

You may have noticed the distinctive smell of the Callery Pear wafting through your neighborhood this week. The white-flowered tree is a favorite of landscapers and homeowners because of its beautiful flowers and low maintenance. The only trade-off, however, is its stench.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Scientists say the smell is similar because it's made of the same chemical compounds as ejaculate. Volatile amines mixed with warmer weather combine to release trimethylamine and dimethylamine. The chemicals generate that ammonia-like odor that attracts pollinating insects.

Because of warmer temperatures this spring, the Callery Pear has bloomed a couple of weeks earlier than usual. And while it's smell may not be something to look forward to, those distinctive white flowers are actually quite breathtaking. So enjoy them while you can because the blooms, and that terrible odor, will only be around for another week or so.

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