Creepy webs have started to appear in trees all over the Hudson Valley, but the creature making them is not what you'd expect.

I was outside playing with my son yesterday when he pointed to our maple tree in disgust. Looking up at the branches I saw what he was creeped out by. A huge web was wrapped around an entire branch, killing the leaves and leaving the branch encased in a cocoon-like blanket of silvery webs.

I immediately assumed it was some sort of spider infestation, but the branch was way too high to investigate. We raced inside to get our binoculars and what we saw next was nothing like we expected.

After watching for a bit we decided to film some of the crawling creatures so we could research what they were later on.  Here's what we found:

The good news is that the critters aren't dangerous to trees or people, Do you have these webs on your trees? What did you think they were? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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