Distance learning has been quite a challenging process for both teachers and students across the county. We still don't know what the future holds with this pandemic, as we enter the colder months. So to say that this is a bit of a work in progress would be understated.

But how how do school administrators manage what happens at a student's own home?  When everyone was in the classroom everyday it was different. But how do you know what's going on a student's life when you can only see them on a small window on your computer screen?

One father is dealing with quite a shock, as his son's school has actually threatened to have his boy arrested for simply missing less than two hours of Zoom sessions. People.com is reporting that the 7th grade boy goes to school at Stanley Middle School in Lafayette, California. Sources say the student missed three 30 minute Zoom session and was considered truant. That's when the father received a leter from the school that he'll never forget.

He can become a truant of the state and he could be arrested. I said, ‘Are you going to come arrest my son at my home or try to fine me for not getting him to his Zoom class on time perfect every day?’

The principal of the middle school says the letter was part of California's state attendance laws. Education Code Section 48264, which was cited in the letter says that an attendance supervisor, peace officer, a school administrator, or probation officer may arrest any minor away from their home or absent without excuse.

Is the school's concerns valid, or is threatening to arrest a 12 year-old over 90 minutes of classes a bit much? With everything else going on the world, do we really need this? Officials in California can have some weird ideas sometimes. Then you have this school district in Illinois, who banned students from wearing pajamas or hoodies while distance learning in their own homes. As we stated earlier, this home learning stuff is certainly a trial and error process.

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