The next time you go food shopping, make sure to say hi to Marty.

The Hudson Valley has been thrust into the future now that a real-life robot is roaming the aisles at a local supermarket. Marty the robot has been spotted for the first time this week by local shoppers who are, at first, puzzled as to why a googly-eyed machine is following them around the store.

This futuristic supermarket employee is not there to spy on you or to assist with your grocery shopping; at least not yet. According to Supermarket News Marty's only job is to patrol the store and look for spills and other hazards that could injure shoppers.

Marty has been seen this week by shoppers at the Stop and Shop on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie, as well as the store's Route 44 location. It's likely that other Marty robots will also be popping up at more Stop and Shop locations around the Hudson Valley, as the company has deployed the computerized employee to 172 of its stores and will continue the rollout to all Stop and Shops by the end of the year.

Reaction to Marty has been mostly positive from the shoppers we've spoken to. At first, there is some confusion as to the purpose of this tall, smiling robot. But once people learn what Marty's purpose is, most seem to think the machine is a welcome addition.

Have you seen Marty working at your local Stop and Shop? We want to know what you think about the Hudson Valley's newest robot worker. You can share your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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