When was the last time that you visited Rosendale, NY? Last month, I had the opportunity to visit this quaint little spot within the Hudson Valley.

Rosendale, NY is filled with locally owned businesses, rose murals and views from and of the Rosendale Trestle. Residents enjoy living in this quaint area and visitors can explore all that it has to offer.

However, some of the Hudson Valley's history remains unknown until it is discovered. Did you know that summer ski competitions took place in Rosendale, NY?

This Ulster County, NY Mountain Was Once The Home To Summer Ski Competitions

Canva, Wallkill Valley Land Trust
Canva, Wallkill Valley Land Trust

According to Ski Jumping Hill Archive, this Ulster County, NY ski jumping hill was once popular. The area and idea behind this was created by Harold Schelderup who was from Norway. It was built in 1936 and 1937 by Telemark Ski Club in efforts to encourage tourism.

A summer ski jumping event took place in July of 1937, there were over 3,000 people who attended. The hill was covered in something rather than grass or snow, borax, straw and pine needles replaced it.

Years later, the last competition took place in the winter of 1941 when the hill was enlarged again but after the Second World War it was not able to be used anymore. However, this was not the end of these summer ski competitions in Rosendale, NY.

Have You Been On The Joppenbergh Mountain In Rosendale, NY?

Canva, Ski Jumping Hill Archive
Canva, Ski Jumping Hill Archive

Ski Jumping Hill Archive shared that in 1963, the Rosendale Nordic Ski Club was founded and also constructed a 70 meter hill which was then fully completed in November of 1975.

This time, things were different. An artificial snow machine was used and over time, influential guests arrived.

"International greats such as Franz Keller (hill record), Giacomo Aimoni and Ludvik Zajc took part in the jumping event organized by the Rosendale Outing Ski Club in 1969. At the last competition in 1970, Hugh Barber from Middlebury College set several hill records in front of 3500 spectators."

However, the bad weather and "internal club quarrels" prohibited the competitions from continuing and therefore, the hill was abandoned.

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Can Guests Visit The Historic Joppenbergh Mountain In Rosendale, NY?

Canva, Ski Jumping HIll Archive
Canva, Ski Jumping HIll Archive

Wallkill Valley Land Trust shared that the Joppenbergh Mountain is a 500 foot tall mountain that is "composed of a carbonate bedrock overlain by glacially deposited material."

The trails lead to the top of the mountain coming from Willow Kiln park which is behind the main street in Rosendale.

In 2011, the Open Space Institute with the WVLT and the Shawangunk Conservancy purchased the property of this once famous location, Joppenbergh Mountain.

Currently, the WVLT manages and owns the property. Directions to Joppenbergh Mountain can be found on the Wallkill Valley Land Trust's website.

Joppenbergh Mountain is open from dawn until dusk daily and is free of charge. The mountain trails are open for multiple uses such as running, walking, hiking, snowshoeing and more.

Have you ever heard of this Hudson Valley mountain before? Share with us below.

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