I was so saddened to wake up this morning to the news that Meat Loaf had passed away. I don’t know if I was surprised, given all of the health issues that Meat Loaf suffered with over the years. But I was saddened.

I actually had the opportunity to not just meet Meat Loaf, but to hang out with him for an afternoon and evening. We weren’t hanging out like buddies drinking beers, it was much more professional than that. It was sometime in the mid to late 1990s, I believe. Meatloaf was in Poughkeepsie on his Storytellers Tour. 

Here’s how it worked… he would be on stage and there would be a personality from the local radio station in the audience with a mic, and people would ask Mea Loaf questions which would lead to his answer and then a song. WPDH was the radio station and I was the personality.

I had to meet Meat Loaf in his dressing room a couple of hours before the show. He briefed me on what I was supposed to do. I was to find out what the audience member wanted to ask him, and I was to sort of direct them toward asking something that led to the song he wanted to play. It all worked out pretty well, and Meat Loaf later told me that I did a great job.

That was one of the coolest nights of my career. Hanging with Meat Loaf and his band, getting to meet all of those listeners in the audience, and knowing that I made Meat Loaf proud. 

My condolences to Meat Loaf’s family, friends and fans. Rest in Peace, Meat Loaf, and thanks for all of the great music, movies, and a really fun night.

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