All good things come to an end.

There were many terrible things that have happened during the coronavirus outbreak. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who has anything good to say about the last two and a half months. Except, of course, for beer lovers.

Yes, the COVID-19 crisis has been horrific, but if there's one silver lining to be found in all of this, it's the rebirth of local beer deliveries. With residents hunkered down at home with nothing to do, the state liquor authority quickly eased their rules, and even turned a blind eye to some practices, allowing breweries the freedom to drop off beer on people's doorsteps.

Anyone who's received a beer delivery knows just how awesome this service is. Not since I was eight years old, too excited to sleep on Christmas Eve, have I been this thrilled to wait for a jolly bearded man carrying a bundle of goodies to drop off at my house.

Like many beer fans, I was hopeful that the success of beer delivery would turn this temporary service into a permanent fixture long after the coronavirus crisis ended. I pictured my weekly delivery coming each Friday, stocking up the fridge for the weekend and saving me the hassle of having to head out to the store or brewery on my own.

But alas, it isn't meant to be.

This week signals the end of two beer delivery services in the Hudson Valley. Mill House Brewing Company has announced that Friday will be the last day for beer deliveries. The restaurant is now transitioning into on-site dining and beer sales. Sloop Brewing Company is also ending its local beer delivery service on Sunday. They will, however, continue to ship their beer throughout New York State.

Luckily, one of the area's most popular beer delivery services is still continuing to take orders and deliver fresh beer to homes throughout the Hudson Valley. Newburgh Brewing Company has been flooded with praise and appreciation from thirsty customers who have been kept stocked up on Megaboss while being stuck at home. Newburgh Brewing Company's at-home service still remains up and running, but for just how long is unknown.  As breweries transition to phase three in a couple of weeks, it only makes sense to refocus on in-house sales and service. But for now, I'm still encouraged to hear that their newest release, the Bonnboss NEIPA is being delivered to homes this week.

Cheers to the fresh, local beer delivery service!  It was great while it lasted.

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