Anyone see a runaway llama on the loose? It's not everyday you find a llama running around in the wild in a crowded area like Westchester County. But the search is on for the missing llama that got loose from a private horse farm earlier this month. So far, efforts to find the animal have been futile. Now, search efforts are getting desperate as the weather get colder.

CBS is reporting that the llama named Gizmo escaped from the farm in Bedford Corners only two days after being rescued. Both Gizmo and another rescue llama jumped the fence to escape from the property, according to Diana Heimann. Heimann says the other escapee was captured, but Gizmo is still unaccounted for. The Daily Voice says it's been over two weeks since Gizmo disappeared and concerns are growing, especially after the area just endured a major snowstorm.

Last seen, Guard Hill and West Patent in Bedford Corners, and he could well have traveled like 15 miles in any direction, easily,

Several animal rescue groups and volunteers have joined the search hand have put up posters. CBS reports that drones with thermal imaging have even been deployed to search for the missing animal.

The missing posters describe Gizmo as being "skittish", and for anyone not to approach the animal. Heimann did ask for anyone who sees the llama to please take a picture to mark location. Wikipedia says that adult llamas can be anywhere from 5' 7'' to 5' 11'' in height, and can weigh anywhere from 200 to over 400 lbs. Their color ranges from white, to brown, or piebald, as well as gray and black. 

Anyone with information about Gizmo, or where he may be, is asked to call Diana Heimann at (917) 902-1874.

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