So, here it is 2019, and my New Year’s resolution is the same one that I had last year. And the year before that, and the year before that. Maybe even the same one as four years ago. And I think I get a little better at it each year. My yearly resolution? Stop overthinking everything.

Overthinking can be a very dangerous thing. It brings on anxiety and paranoia, it affects relationships, it’s unproductive, and it’s just plain unhealthy. Got a paper cut? What if it gets infected and I get that flesh eating disease? Your friend didn’t call? Oh no, what if she’s mad because of something I said? Your partner is quiet today? Maybe he feels like he’s in a rut and wants to break up. Or maybe you just have a cut, your friend got busy and your partner is tired. Leaving the 'what ifs' behind is a big part of overcoming overthinking. And even if that dreaded what if happens, as it sometimes does, somehow we find the strength to deal with it.

Life is scary enough without creating more, often non-existent things to freak out about. Which is why, once again, my resolution is to stop overthinking everything. And now I’m going to stop writing because I feel as if I’m overthinking overthinking.  Here’s to a happy and healthy 2019!