This Sunday on the WPDH Album of the week, we are featuring Queen's first-ever album, self-titled.

The album was released on July 13th, 1973.  Trident Studios, where the band recorded the album,  tried to get a record label to listen to it and sign the band, finally after 8 months the band signed with EMI in the U.K. and Elektra records in the U.S.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Queen performing their most famous 20-minute set at the old Wembley Stadium in London.

The tracklisting for "Queen" is:

1.  Keep Yourself Alive

2. Doing All Right

3. Great King Rat

4. My Fairy King

5. Liar

6. The Night Comes Down

7. Modern Times Rock N' Roll

8. Son and Daughter

9. Jesus

10. Seven Seas Of Rhye