This week on the WPDH Album of the Week, we'll feature the seventh studio album from Styx, The Grand Illusion.

The Grand Illusion was released on July 7, 1977, through A&M Records. The album was recorded at Paragon Recording Studios in Chicago. Upon release, the album exploded going triple platinum in the United States. To date, it is estimated that the album has since sold over six million copies in the United States, according to Wikipedia.

The Grand Illusion produced two hit singles, Come Sail Away, which uses sailing as a metaphor for achieving one's dream. The other single, Fooling Yourself (Angry Young Man), written by Tommy Shaw, is based on his initial perception of Dennis DeYoung who was an "angry young man". Most of the songs on the album have medieval or fantasy-type lyrics and themes.

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, The Grand Illusion is ranked as the best Styx albums on their list of Styx albums ranked from best to worst. Styx was able to perfect their craft over time, trial and error until everything could fall into place, unlike musicians today who are expected to be a hit right off the bat.

The tracklisting from The Grand Illusion:

Side One

  1. The Grand Illusion
  2. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
  3. Superstars
  4. Come Sail Away

Side Two

  1. Miss America
  2. Man in the Wilderness
  3. Castle Walls
  4. The Grand Finale

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