Something is going on in the Kingston area, and it’s leaving some residents with a horrible taste in their mouths. Or their noses, as the case may be. Can you imagine waking up to a smell so putrid that it makes you want to gag? That’s exactly what is happening to at least a few people in the Kingston area of Ulster County.

It all started earlier this week. I noticed one of my friends who lives by the Hudson River in Kingston posted on Facebook that he was smelling something pretty horrible when he walked outside. He described it as a super sour smell. I believe his exact words were sour vomit. Maybe he also said rotting fruit. In any case, it’s not a good smell and it’s making him gag..

My friend explained that he does live rather close to a waste treatment plant, but added that it NEVER smells, so he’s pretty sure it’s not coming from anything they’re doing. And his contact at the plant confirmed that it’s not them. At least that’s what they’re claiming. Then where could this smell be coming from?

The guy at the plant near where my friend lives claims it’s another plant that’s not too far away. He says that this other plant, which may or may not be run by Ulster County, is causing the smell. He believes the guilty plant, which sits right near the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, is doing a new kind of composting and that is the origin of this smell. This fact has been confirmed by the plant that may or not be run by the county in an email to my friend. The email stated that their workers smell it every day and they are aware of the smell. Hmmmm. Doesn’t sound very helpful or hopeful, does it?

Are you in the Kingston area? Are you waking up to the same putrid smell that my friend is waking up to? I know he’s hoping to find a way to make it stop. Maybe if you all join forces, you’ll come up with a great solution. Until then, at least you know that the smell is real and you’re not crazy. And good luck.

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