If you think you've been eating more than usual during the pandemic, you probably have nothing on Nick Wehry.

Currently the 8th ranked professional eater in the country, Wehrly is half of a duo known as The Hungry Couple. Miki Sudo, Nick's wife, recently made headlines by eating 30 hot dogs in under four minutes, winning the women's belt in the 2020 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. Sudo and Wehrly are married and enjoy spending their downtime seeking out new food challenges for their YouTube channel.

After seeing social media posts about a garlic knot pizza for sale in Newburgh, the couple knew they had found their next challenge. Wehrly and Sudo contacted Pizza Mia to inquire whether the restaurant has an eating challenge and if they could enter. It just so happened that the pizzeria was in the planning stages of creating their own challenge and enlisted the couple's help in designing it.

On Saturday the couple arrived in Newburgh and Wehrly ordered 14 pounds of food. One Garlic Knot Pizza, a dozen buffalo wings, a giant order of of homemade fried dough and a two-liter bottle iter of soda. The challenge, designed for two people to finish, was tackled by Wehrly himself while his wife, Miki, looked on.

Pizza Mia
Pizza Mia

In just under 35 minutes, all that was left of the enormous feast were some plates and napkins. Wehrly handily ate all 14 pounds of food without breaking a sweat. During the contest, The Hungry Couple offered some tweaks and suggestions for the challenge that they will now be recommending to other professional eaters.

So, the next time you're at Pizza Mia and you see someone sitting at a table with an insane amount of food, it's probably someone from Major League Eating, attempting to break Wehrly's record.

While the restaurant doesn't expect its everyday customers to be able to finish the challenge themselves, they do invite the public to team up and attempt to tackle the garlic knot pizza meal as a duo. Are you hungry enough to give it a try?

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