A special $50 bill has gone missing, and its owner is asking for your help in finding it.

Ryan DuBray had the fifty in his wallet for over 20 years, and now he desperately wants to get it back. The Upstate New York resident says that the bill means the world to him and he's asking the public to help him locate it.

Before his freshman year of college, DuBray's grandparents gave him the $50 to use in case of an emergency. To make sure that Ryan didn't spend it and try to replace the bill, his grandparents signed it on the back. Whenever the student returned home, his grandparents would check to make sure it was still there.

DuBray says that it's been comforting to know he's always had that emergency fifty in his wallet just in case he needed it. Luckily, he didn't need to use the bill for two decades. But on a recent trip back from vacation he found himself in a desperate situation.

Facebook/Ryan Dubray
Facebook/Ryan Dubray

According to the New York man, he was traveling back from Myrtle Beach on Saturday when a $15 toll on the George Washington Bridge caught him by surprise. Without any other options, DuBray reluctantly dipped into his emergency money and handed it over to the attendant.

Distraught, DuBray has now turned to the Internet to try and locate the sentimental bill. He's written a Facebook post that has been shared almost 450,000 times in just three days. In it, he is asking for help from anyone who sees the bill.

DuBray included a photo of the signed bill, hoping that someone will recognize it and get it back to him. Although he says he will replace the emergency fund with another fifty, Dubray admits it "won't be the same."

If you happen to come across this sentimental $50 bill, the original owner says he'll happily trade it for another, "with interest." You can follow the search on Ryan's Facebook page.

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