Local power companies are calling in reinforcements from surrounding states to prepare for possible power outages this week.

Orange and Rockland declared a storm watch on Wednesday as it prepares for the remnants of Tropical Storm Zeta to make its way through the Hudson Valley. The storm is expected to arrive early Thursday as light rain and turn to steady rain in the afternoon. Heavy rain will persist overnight and switch to snow early Friday with 1-3 inches predicted before tapering off by early afternoon.

Power companies are concerned that wet snow covering leaves, coupled with high winds could bring down trees and branches, causing widespread outages. The forecast calls for winds of 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 40 mph.

Crews from surrounding states are on alert to help out in the event the Hudson Valley is hit with the worst. O&R announced that they have 200 additional contractor overhead line technicians available from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Minnesota to assist with its storm response.

Tropical storm Isaias left over 100,000 Hudson Valley residents without power in August. A state of emergency was ordered throughout the Hudson in order to provide local governments with additional clean-up and operational support. The National Guard mobilized 50 soldiers in Putnam County to hand out water and ice and assist with cleanup. It took some areas over a week to have their service restored, causing Governor Cuomo to investigate the local power companies' response.

The governor criticized the lack of preparation on behalf of Central Hudson, Orange and Rockland and Con Ed. After the storm was over 7,000 workers needed to be brought in to the Hudson Valley to help bring the power back.

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