Here's a feel-good story with an update on a beloved area postman.

Gotta love the mailman! The person that we rely on to deliver important letters and packages to us is someone we should always respect. Out there making the rounds. I remember seeing the story late last year about Port Jervis postal worker, Tom Calvario being fired and I couldn't believe it. The story sent shockwaves of anger all over the Hudson Valley and beyond.

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The story, reported as adored Hudson Valley mail carrier being pushed out after 53 years caught my eye and the eye of many others.  U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy reportedly had sent a letter to Port Jervis postal worker, Tom Calvario, thanking him for his over five decades of dedication to the U.S. Postal Service but stating that due to "unsatisfactory service" for not delivering the mail fast enough, he would be suspended. He was fired the next day.

His treatment at the Post Office over the years was documented, with the 75 year old given the longest postal route in town, with a staggering 700 potential stops every day, a job virtually impossible to finish by day's end. The Port Jervis community rallied around Calvario, with a petition put in place that received over 1,600 signatures and a rally held in front of the Port Jervis post office.

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News 12 reports that Tom Calvario is back on the job as a Port Jervis mailman, after negotiating with the United states Postal Service to get reinstated.

Former City of Port Jervis Mayor Kelly Decker took to social media, excited about Calvario's return to the job. He posted a photo of himself with the mailman along with some nice words.

2024 June 1 - 🎼“Who are the people in your neighborhood, the people that you meet each day” 🎶.
For many who grew up when this song was on Sesame Street it was the policeman, the fireman, and the postman. I remember Tom as my mailman on Front Street in the 1970’s and Thank god he is back and I got to see him on his route today.
He seemed ecstatic to be back and his biggest concern was the extra work his colleagues had to endure while he was out. That’s a dedicated employee that cares.

Congrats to Tom on his return to work; here's to many more years of happiness and dedication to the job!

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