A popular health food store in the Hudson Valley has reportedly been sold to a company in Florida after 44 years.

According to Hudson Valley One, Mother Earth's Storehouse with locations in the Kings Mall in Kingston and Main St in Saugerties have been sold to a Hollywood, Florida health and nutrition company . Choice Markets 3, LLC is reportedly a rapidly growing company in the field.

According to Mother Earth's Storehouse website, the company was started by brothers Chris and Kevin Schneider in 1978, tapping into the organic and sustainable food "buy Local" movement, opening the Kingston store. Mother Earth's has always focused on wholesome, nutritious foods and supplements that are not ladened with artificial ingredients. And the store always held their own with their niche of selling locally produced food and supplements, with a modest size store compared to the big-box supermarkets. In addition to the Kingston and Saugerties stores, Mother Earth's had a Poughkeepsie location that closed in 2020.

According to Wikipedia, the term health food has been used since the 1920's to refer to specific foods claimed to be especially beneficial to health. Health food stores primarily sell organic foods, local produce and nutritional supplements and offer a wider, more specialized selection of foods than your typical grocery store. From the looks of the Choice Markets 3 website, it doesn't appear that Mother Earth's will be undergoing a name change, but only time will tell. We wish the new owners all the best, as well as the former owners.

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