The dead body of a Hudson Valley woman was discovered in the woods and police have shared the tragic details of what they believe happened.

According to Hamodia, the body of 52-year-old Miriam Sussman was discovered in Rockland county early Monday morning. Police responded to a report of a missing person just after 12:45 am. The woman was attending a celebration for a newly born baby before disappearing. The event ended just before 5 pm, after which Sussman was reported missing.

Search Results in Gruesome Discovery

Sussman was believed to have walked home from the event, so first responders retraced her steps from the celebration to her home, knocking on doors and investigating the surrounding area. That's when they discovered a cell phone and a pair of eyeglasses.

The woman's body was eventually uncovered 30 feet from the road in a wooded area just off of Carlton Road in Monsey. ABC News reports that the body had suffered trauma, leading police to release a theory as to what they believe happened to Sussman after she left the party.

Police Release Theory

Although it's still early on in the investigation, Ramapo Police say they believe the body may have been hit by a car and "thrown quite a distance" into the woods. Authorities say they found evidence of a possible car crash at the scene. That, and the trauma to the body, have led police to consider the fact that Sussman may have been the victim of a hit-and-run accident.

Police Asking for Help

Ramapo police released a brief statement saying the incident is now being investigated "as a leaving the scene motor vehicle crash." Investigators have not released any details about the vehicle they may be searching for, but anyone with information is being urged to contact the Ramapo Police Department at (845) 357-2400.

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