Airports security and customs agents always have to be on the lookout. There's always someone out there trying to smuggle something into our airports that they shouldn't. You'll find everything from drugs, weapons, counterfeit bills, and other assorted contraband during any given week. There's a lot of pressure put on these people to keep this stuff off of our streets.

Sometimes the contraband is where you'd least expect it.

Woman Allegedly Smuggled Coke Into Airport 

Customs officers at New York’s Kennedy International Airport say a woman traveling from the Dominican Republic tried to smuggle cocaine into the country in a rather unusual manner. Federal offcials say the cocaine weighed around 28 pounds, and was valued at nearly half a million dollars. Where did she hide it?

Local Syracuse says the incident happened November 10, when Customs noticed the wheels on the wheelchair the suspect was in weren't turning like normal. Customs and Border Patrol officers says they were suspicious, and ran the wheelchair through an x-ray machine. Officials said in a news release that they noticed an "anomaly" in all four wheels, and discovered a white powder stashed in the wheels.

The powder tested positive, and arrested the woman on smuggling charges and turned over to Homeland Security Investigations.

Flight Disturbance

According to FlightSphere, the flight time from JFK International Airport to Detroit is a little under 2 hours time. The New York Post says that JetBlue Flight 1019 was already up in the air and on its way to the Motor City when a sudden disturbance was reported inside the cabin Monday afternoon. It appears the plane wasn't the only thing that was up that day, according to sources.

Apparently, this guy gets a little too excited when flying.

Man on Flight Out of New York Caught Playing Five-on-One

It just so happens that a FOX 2 Detroit employee was on the flight when this alleged incident occurred. That employee said, "There was chatter what had happened when we were on the plane. The talk was he exposed himself and now find out it was a little more than that.” FOX says the suspect couldn't wait to get off the short flight, and was caught allegedly masturbating on the ride.


The FOX newsroom employee said that three Metro Airport police officers boarded the plane to escorted this jerk off the flight upon landing. The Wayne County Airport Authority Police Department told The Post that the suspect was handed over to the FBI.

FOX 2 adds, "It sounds like he got off easy." There is no word as of yet what instigated this alleged incident, as aside from the suspect not knowing what else to do with themself for the two hours.

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