Three generations of family members are struggling to put their lives back together after a devastating house fire claimed all of their belongings.

A fundraiser is underway to help the Wager family rebuild after a major fire tore through their home earlier this week. On Monday, April 8 the Pleasant Valley Fire Department warned local residents to avoid Smith Road while first responders attempted to extinguish a home fully engulfed in flames.

The fire reportedly required the assistance of surrounding fire departments.

A family friend says the Wagers "lost everything" including two pets that perished in the house fire. On Wednesday, two days after the initial tragedy, Linda Wager took to Facebook to report that the house fire had rekindled and their home "was fully involved again".

Facebook/Pleasant Valley Fire Department
Facebook/Pleasant Valley Fire Department

Fundraiser Started to Help Pleasant Valley, New York Family

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched by a friend of the family to help the Wagers get back on their feet. It identifies the family members as Rich, Linda, Keith, Alyssa, Brayden, and Wyatt. The multi-generational family has been involved in the 4H and local fire departments for years and is now asking the community for help.

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A goal of $25,000 has been set up to help the family replace lost items and "restore a sense of normalcy for the boys and to rebuild their lives."

Pleasant Valley New York

As of Thursday morning, the fund to help the Wager family rebuild had already raised just under $6,000. Those who are interested in assisting can access the fund and more information about the Wagers at GoFundMe.

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