Back in 2018 I remember waking up to the sad news that the beloved Pleasant Valley Library was on fire. And the fire proved to be so devastating that there was no way anything was going to be happening in that building anytime soon, if ever. This was horrible news, especially for the residents of Pleasant Valley.

I can’t tell you how many times I would pass that library through the years. And it seemed as though there was always something happening. Book fair, used book sale, community gatherings. No doubt about it, the Pleasant Valley Free Library has always been a huge part of Pleasant Valley and the day to day happenings in town. 

The community rallied, and they were able to keep the library alive in a much smaller temporary location. No matter where the library was housed, it remained the heart of the community. Pleasant Valley realized it wasn’t just about the building, it was about the books and the community. And they knew that in time a new library would emerge.

And that day has finally come. Even though it took a while, and even though it had to be done during a global pandemic, the brand new Pleasant Valley Library has opened its doors. And the community couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s a beautiful building where the community can enjoy books, events and each other. 

The Pleasant Valley Library is at 3 Maggiacomo Lane, and it looks amazing. Stop in and check it out. It’s the heart of Pleasant Valley.

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