The world is a weird place. We go through our daily lives and it seems like everyday there's some new story making its rounds through social media, which inevitably turns into people arguing about "which side are you on" and who's going to rep their "team" the loudest.

However, today I learned about a story that I think everyone can actually unite on and be happy about. That story regards pets or specifically certain pets that were adopted from a pet store chain located in many locations throughout New York.

David McNew/Getty Images
David McNew/Getty Images

Attorney General and Pet Zone Agreement

It was reported recently that New York State Attorney General Letitia James reached an agreement with Bell Pet Company LLC (Bell Pet) regarding animals that were adopted from their stores. Bell Pet operates through their Pet Zone stores, which have locations in Poughkeepsie, Watertown, Queensbury and Albany.

Pets Alive Staff
Pets Alive Staff

Why Did This Problem Occur?

The report from the Attorney General's office was filled with information regarding what they found after conducting their investigation of Pet Zone stores. One of the main points of contingency seems to surround a technological device referred to as "PetKey". It was stated that PetKey was a tool offered by Pet Zone and that it...

 included a full list of all the medication provided to the pet prior to purchase.

However it was discovered through the investigation that on many occasions, records of medications particular pets were on were left off this report, leading to animals becoming sick once they arrived at their new homes.

Full details of this story can be found here: Deceiving Pet Store Sold Sick Pets

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What is PetKey?

As previously stated, PetKey was an option or tool that was provided by Pet Zone and it had the capability of providing pet owners with a detailed documentation of all medications their pet is or was on. That however is not PetKey's primary function. PetKey was designed with the goal of making sure pets who had become lost would be returned to their homes. This is made possible due to PetKey's ability to function with numerous different brands of microchips that often times are implanted in our pets.

In addition to the main goal of reuniting lost pets with their families, PetKey has also integrated many other important philosophies into their business model aside from microchips. Pet training and behavioral modification are also things that PetKey has come to pride itself on. Their self described mission statement is...

To serve and protect pets, pet households and pet professionals.
To develop, distribute and administer the best pet services, technology and programs available.
To promote responsible pet industry stewardship.

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Ramifications for Bell Pet/Pet Zone and Future Safeguards

The agreement reached by the Attorney General and Bell Pet, insured a hefty penalty in addition to numerous safeguards that one would hope would make it impossible for something like this to happen again. One particular great safeguard was this...

ensure that every pet has been examined by a licensed vet and has received all the vaccinations as required by state and local law with accurate and complete records provided to consumers.

Getty Images/iStockphoto/bruev
Getty Images/iStockphoto/ bruev

All in all, what started as an infuriating story has an appropriately happy ending. Anyone who has or has had pets knows that you end up loving them just as much as any other member of your family. They are part of the family and like any other member of the family, we don't want our pets to be sick. This agreement also has received universal approval because again, these are our beloved pets and pets are not device to anyone.

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