Fans of "American Chopper" may have to wait until Thursday to find out how the reunion between Senior and Junior turns out, but we got a sneak peek from Paul Sr. himself.

It was announced last year that Discovery had decided to revive "American Chopper" and return the Teutul family to the airwaves after a long hiatus. A major plot point of the new series will be the reunion of Paul Sr. and his son, who famously bickered on the series. Their relationship was so strained that it ended in lawsuits and the family members not speaking to each other.

That family drama all behind them now, or at least that's what Paul Sr. hopes.  We spoke to him and Mikey about what it was like reuniting in front of the cameras and how that father and son relationship is going months after they started working together again:

The season premiere episode of "American Chopper" airs on Discovery this Thursday night at 10pm. The OCC Cafe at Orange County Choppers' headquarters in Newburgh will be hosting a viewing party so fans can watch with Paul Sr, Mikey and the rest of the OCC crew. You can find out more details here.