I grew up on a mountain in Cornwall so going to school meant riding the school bus. I am not sure why but I think it had something to do with the terrain and the distance between driveways growing up my bus stopped at everyone's driveway to pick them up.

There were a few stops closer to the town where multiple people got on the bus so I guess we may have had a few actual bus stops on my school route. However, almost everyone got on the bus at the end of their driveway. I am pretty sure this hasn't changed in more rural areas around the Hudson Valley.

Do You Stop Both Ways for a Stopped School Bus?

NYS DOT via Facebook
NYS DOT via Facebook

When you encounter a bus on your travels to or from work it can be frustrating if you are caught behind the bus for every driveway stop on your road or the back road you travel to work. But I ask you to exhale for a moment and realize that you may have to stop frequently but it is important that you do for the safety of the kids riding the bus. The NYS DOT sent out a reminder and the above graphic today on social media.

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The other thing that as a motorist you might not be aware of is on a two-lane divided highway you need to stop in both directions as well. Route 9 and Route 9W are two roads that come to mind when I think about this traffic pattern and a school bus. When you are driving if a bus is stopped in the opposite lane of traffic you must stop for it as well/

How many times have you seen someone go by a stopped school bus on the other side of the road? Sadly I have seen it often and the law in New York State is that you must stop in both directions even if it is a divided highway.

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