You just opened up your mail and in it is a speeding ticket. Of course, you stop to ask yourself, "What the heck? Is this real?"  Yes, that ticket is real.

How did it happen? What is happening with New York State that you got a speeding ticket and didn't even know about it? Here is what you need to know about New Yorks latest campaign to get you to slow down.

How did you get a speeding ticket and didn't even know about it?

New York State Police
New York State Police

For the last two months, New York State has really stepped up their aggressive driving patrols, stopping speeders, driving while cell phone, and as always, speeders, but how can they just send you a speeding ticket? 

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New York State is all about the speed and traffic cameras, but where were they?

David Lentz

The speed cameras have been installed in construction zones. Yep, there are 30 of them deployed across the state. They operate similar to the red light cameras that are in New York City. The cameras capture your license plate just like they capture your license plate if you don't have an E-Z Pass on your car and they have to send you a toll ticket in the mail.

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Do these tickets count as points on your New York State driver's license?

The cameras don't capture a photo of the driver, ultimately the tickets become the problem of whomever the vehicle is registered to. So, if you are driving someone else's car, or a work car, things could be even more complicated. The goal of these cameras? To get you to slow down and to keep not only yourself safe, but the people also working in that work zone.

Here's a ticket you wouldn't mind getting in the mail!

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While looking at the latest weekly roundup for grand prizes, we counted 59 different tickets that have their grand prizes still on the market. The report was last updated on April 6th 2023, as we publish this article. 

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