Warm weather is finally on the horizon.

This must have been the longest February the Hudson Valley has ever experienced -- and it's not even a leap year. Thanks to several snowstorms, the region found itself buried under a blanket of white for the entire month. Snow drifts created huge mounds of snow on roofs and made clearing driveways and sidewalks a chore with nowhere to put the white stuff. With the added isolation of the global pandemic, this February was one of the darkest and dreariest in several generations.

But now, it looks like we're finally turning a corner.

There's something magical about the first weekend in March. For as long as I've been living in the Hudson Valley, it has always ushered in an abrupt change in the weather. With the official time change just a week away and the first day of spring just on the horizon, March seems to go from frozen fingers to warm sun on your face almost instantaneously. And that's exactly what's expected to happen next week.

After temperatures not getting over the freezing mark on Friday and Saturday, things will begin to thaw over the weekend in preparation of some much-needed relief by Tuesday.

The Weather Channel is predicting temperatures to rise to 60 degrees on Tuesday, and warming up over several days. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all expected to be in the mid-60s with overnight temperatures not falling under 45. This will usher in a true meltdown, helping to rid the Hudson Valley of those leftover piles of snow and making way for the colors of spring.

Some rain at the end of the week will bring colder air, but the good news is that daytime temperatures will still be in the mid to upper 40s. While it's not shorts weather just yet, we can safely say that spring is quickly approaching and there's truly a light at the end of the tunnel.

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