Those of us that grew up in Orange County and those who live there now are all familiar with Washingtonville. Back in the day I probably drove through Washingtonville more that actually visiting it. It’s on the way to a lot of places. But one day when I was older I decided to stop in Washingtonville, walk around, and maybe do some shopping. What a great day it was.

Washingtonville is a charming town in Orange County, and it’s a town with a strong sense of community. That’s obvious by all the cool events they hold, many of them to help the residents… from farmers markets, to live music, to events to help the schools. It seems as though there is always something cool going on in Washingtonville, and just wait until you hear what they’re doing this weekend.

This Saturday Night, Oct. 15, from 6PM - 10PM in McLaughlin Square, Washingtonville will transform into Witchingtonville After Dark, a creepy carnival, filled with games and prizes, face painters, balloon artists, jugglers, props, and entertainment. And McLaughlin Square is right in the Village, which means it's walkable, and also a great chance for you to check out some of the awesome Washingtonville businesses. 

Witchingtonville After Dark is actually an evening continuation of Witchingtonville, an annual daytime family friendly celebration. This year Witchintonville will be at Vernon Allen Park from 2PM - 6PM. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Washingtonville, check them out this weekend. It’s going to be spooktacular!

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