Angry people behind the wheel in New York City. Not anything new by any means. New York is a vastly overcrowded city with a limited amount of space on the roads. Often times that tension boils over.

But what about when people take their road rage matters in to their own hands?

The NY Post is reporting that that is exactly what happened Tuesday afternoon in the middle of Norman Avenue and McGuinness Boulevard in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, when the driver of a white sedan stopped his car to go after another guy driving a Toyota. 

What follows is a pretty damn lame street fight, with one combatant wildly swinging a switch blade while the other attempts to strike him. You later see a third man attempt to break up the fight in this video posted by Yeshiva World News.

After about thirty seconds of aimlessly swinging and dancing around, The Post says the knife wielding Sedan driver >opens the passenger side door of the Toyota, steals the keys, and then runs back to his own car. Toyota guy can be seen chasing him as he tries to grab him through the driver side window, only for the Sedan guy to drive off while dragging the other man.

The Toyota driver can be seen getting sandwiched in between the escaping vehicle and a parked van, before taking out the passenger side rear view window and nearly getting run over.

The Post reports the he was taken to Woodhull Hospital and evaluated. Police are still looking for the driver of the white sedan.