America’s largest retailer of closeout merchandise & excess inventory opening new store.

Everyone's favorite bargain discount store is getting another new Hudson Valley store, and people are excited! The store that has the slogan "Good Stuff Cheap" has been around for some time.

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Ollie's Bargain Outlet was founded in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania in 1982 by Morton Bernstein and Mark L. Butler with backing from Harry Coverman and Oliver E. "Ollie" Rosenberg; the latter of whom is the namesake of the company. As of May 2024, the chain has 515 locations in 30 states.

Ollie's selection of merchandise comprises a variety of discounted household goods, apparel, pet supplies, kitchen pantry staples, and seasonal products (holiday, gardening, patio, pool and beach supplies); a majority of these items are unsold or overstocked merchandise that is purchased in bulk from other retailers and sold at discounted prices.

There are currently three Ollie's Bargain Outlet locations in the Hudson Valley (Middletown, Kingston and Hudson) and now a new fourth location is on its way.

New Ollie's Bargain Outlet Store Opening in Port Jervis

attachment-Ollie's Coming Soon
According to a posting by Cory Puopolo on Facebook, Ollie’s is the newest business coming to Port Jervis, NY (Orange County). In a posting on Facebook, Puopolo says that construction has been ongoing in the Save-A-lot / Walgreens plaza and he posted photos saying that this should answer all speculation on the space, which has a giant Ollie's banner Coming Soon and apply online at the website. The posting was shared around Facebook including in the Port Jervis Whatnots public Facebook group with people excited about the store coming to the area.
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A search of the Ollie's website didn't find any info on the upcoming store opening in Port Jervis, but hopefully the site will be updated soon.

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