As the years pass the list of places where we spent our partying days gets longer and longer.

I am by no means an expert on the history of the Hudson Valley, but as a resident, for over 30 years, I have been around the area for a while and can remember spending a lot of my free time at some of the many bars and nightclubs that once called the Hudson Valley home.

At least once a week someone will ask me for a recommendation of a place to go out at night for a good time and every time someone asks, I am always left feeling the same way. The Hudson Valley was once home to so many choices when it came to going out drinking and dancing and today there really aren't many choices!! I know I might sound like that "get off my lawn guy" but there really aren't as many places as there once were.


Hudson Valley's Best Places to Go Out in 2023

Thankfully there are still a few places to enjoy a night out in 2023 including, Billy Joe's in Newburgh, Refinery 51, The Academy, Mahoney's, and Schatzi's in Poughkeepsie, P&G's and Mcgillicuddys in New Paltz, Max's on Main in Beacon to name a few but still nothing like it was back in the day.


Hudson Valley Clubs & Bars we All Remember

I like to think I have a decent memory but there is no way I can remember each and every bar and club that's been open in the last 30 years!! So instead of trying, I asked friends to get us started by asking them "Age yourself with a nightclub or bar name?" Here are the responses I've gotten so far:

Club Soda and the KIKI Club in Fishkill
Foley's Square Pub/Murphy's in New Paltz
McCoy's and Skinners Poughkeepsie
The Brass Rail in Fishkill
Steelhouse in Kingston
Shakers in Middletown
Golden Memories
Below Decks
Caboloosas in New Paltz
Let's Dance, Confetti’s, Razzles, Matrix, Intrigue Poughkeepsie
Joes East West in New Paltz
Cactus Club/Mad Hatter/Union Square Poughkeepsie

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More Hudson Valley Clubs & Bars Everyone Remembers

Dew Drop Inn
The Hitching Post
The Belvedere Tavern
Hilltop on Route 9 in Wappingers
JD Stokes
Bull & Budda
Area 51 in Monticello
Finnegan's in Fishkill
Ozone's in Kingston
Caboloosas in New Paltz
Pineapple Larry’s - Newburgh
Front Street
Tickets in Amenia
Storky’s/Sidelines/Toucan in Hyde Park
Dino’s in Middletown
Shadowbrook in Croton
Easy Street
90 Broadway

This list keeps growing and growing so if you have a place that hasn't been mentioned let us know by sending us a comment through the WOlf Country app or by leaving a comment below.

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