It's been a long and painful season for fans of Gang Green. That goes without saying. At this point in the season, the Jets are 0-13 and are in danger of doing the unthinkable: a winless season. Was it too much for one poor Jets fan to take? His family half-jokingly seems to think so. Or was it really a joke? says that the family of 85-year-old Jets fan Edward Michael Mazur decided to have a little fun when they placed his obituary in Newsday. The obituary read that Mazur passed on cause he just couldn't take watching another Jets game. It's been that bad. It stated:

Beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle and friend, drew his last breath on December 9, 2020, mainly, we suspect, to avoid having to watch another Jets game.

Since the National Football League expanded their seasons to 16 games, only two teams have gone completely winless; the 2008 Detroit Lions, and the 2017 Cleveland Browns. It's quite the dubious distinction. With only three games left in the 2020 season, the Jets could become the third team to do so. There are several other teams throughout football history to go winless, though there were fewer games played in a season during those particular years. Some were also strike years. Do we need to rub it in anymore?

Wow, people really are down on the Jets, and have been for a while. In 2018, one fan even blamed the team's poor play for getting pulled over while allegedly drunk. A Bills fan recently went so far as to paint his entire house his team's colors just to annoy a Jets fan who lived next door. Then, you have the various injuries, suspensions, bad trades, and mismanagement through the years. No wonder some fans can't take it anymore.

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